Care packages

Show your support with a care package.

care package exampleNew Student and Family Programs has partnered with the Residence Hall Association to bring you a quick and convenient way to show your student a little love.

At the beginning of the school year, you’ll be mailed information about our care package subscription program. Just fill out the card(s) with which package you want your student to receive and mail it back with your payment. We’ll take care of assembling and distributing the packages.

We offer subscriptions for all budgets, from a package received at the beginning of the year to holiday packages, exam packages and the all-inclusive Ram Cheer Plan. Each package comes with delicious goodies and a personalized note.

Care package pickup is easy for students and always brings a smile to their faces. Proceeds support student leadership development programs.

To order a care package online, visit Our Campus Market. The website offers more options such as gluten-free, vegan and peanut-free packages and the opportunity to order personalized items like birthday cakes and cookies. You’ll also find residence hall essentials, decor and clothing available for purchase.